Relationship Counselling

It is normal for relationships to suffer as the pressure and strains of everyday life accumulate. Love may disappear, replaced by resentment, anger, doubt, uncertainty or boredom. Each partner can view this differently depending on their own experience of previous family life. One partner may despair, while the other may view it as a temporary circumstance. Find more information about how we help couples here Back to top

Individual Assistance

Focus Health Counselling and Psychotherapy  Services provide, professional. fully accredited,  effective support for individuals throughout Worcestershire and Herefordshire. We appreciate the challenges of making the first steps in making contact. We have therefore made this process straightforward and as uncomplicated as possible. Find more information about how we help individuals here Back to top

Employee Assistance & Corporate Support

Focus Health recognises that to benefit from a productive and healthy workforce, your employees need to have prompt access to appropriate support when challenges arise. The quicker staff gain skilled support, the faster they can return to their best performance at work. Our accessible, clinically-led, carefully tailored and well-promoted Employee Assistance Services at Focus Health, genuinely and effectively address psychological health with measurable outcomes. Find more information about how we help businesses Back to top

Counselling Supervision & Practitioner Coaching

We provide leading edge, counselling and psychotherapy supervision. We offer a supportive and research driven focus on enhancing the practice of practitioners engaged in counselling or psychotherapy and those individuals working with distress in the statutory and non-statutory sector Learn how we help counsellors and practitioners Back to top

Our commitment

Focus Health is committed to providing professional, high standard and accessible counselling and psychotherapy services to our clients throughout Worcestershire and Herefordshire.
We are motivated by a dedication in providing prompt, positive and efficient intervention when you are most in need. Appointments can be secured within 48 hours of initial contact. Please note our services are not suitable for emergency or mental health crisis need. Please contact A&E, your General Practitioner, Emergency Services or The Samaritans if you are in crisis. 

Contact Details

Focus Health Counselling and Psychotherapy Services
14 The Tything
Worcester WR1 1HD 

Telephone: 07939 061 822.


Focus Health Counselling and Psychotherapy Services Disclaimer

Associate practitioners operate independently and Focus Health Counselling and Psychotherapy Services or Huw Richards are not responsible or liable for any issues that arise as a result of or following an agreed referral.  Any concerns should be raised directly with the associate therapist or with their member organisation.

Membership Organisations

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