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Counselling Supervision & Practitioner Coaching

Focus Health Counselling and Psychotherapy provides leading edge, counselling  supervision and psychotherapy supervision. We provide a supportive and research driven focus, on enhancing the practice of practitioners engaged in counselling or psychotherapy and those individuals working with distress in the statutory and non-statutory sector.

“The term used to describe a formal process of professional support and learning which enables practitioners to develop knowledge and competence, assume responsibility for their own practice and enhance consumer protection and safety of care in complex clinical situations”.

The Department of Health (1993)

Ross C

Family bereavement Counsellor supervisee. Counselling supervision 3 years
“The supervision I received from Huw really helped me with my work with children and families. The use of psychodrama enabled me to explore issues within practice, and how my I myself impacted on my work. Using various techniques I was able to gain further insight and awareness into situations, work relationships, and my direct work with families. Huw facilitated me in a safe and containing environment where I was able to explore, experiment and reflect on my practice. Huw gently encouraged and challenged me to work with aspects of my practice that led to greater understanding of situations, and gave me the courage to try new ways of working. I found my sessions with Huw were invaluable to helping me develop as a practitioner working in complex and difficult situations”.
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Sheena M

Substance Misuse Counsellor supervisor. Counselling supervision 3 years
“There are a number of aspects of my work with Huw that I value. The first is a level of enthusiasm and kindness that seems quite genuine and unforced. From early on in supervision I felt able to take some risks in terms of disclosure to Huw. I also often say to colleagues and friends that Huw does not ‘let me get away with anything’. In this I mean that I will be challenged appropriately, and whilst I wriggle and squirm uncomfortably this is very important to me. There is warmth but this relationship does not feel cosy. I appreciate that Huw will say challenge me to be concrete in my statements about myself- If I say for example (and to caricature myself a little) “I think, perhaps , maybe” Huw will not let this go unnoticed, inviting a level of certainty and sureness that sometimes I am hesitant to embrace”.

Huw Richards has provided exemplary clinical supervision to meet the academic, professional and practice requirements of established practitioners within the counselling and psychotherapy field. He provides supervision for students in training at a variety of academic organisations. He has a keen interest in providing supervision for those individuals working with clients in distress in the broader statutory and non-statutory sector.

A copy of our supervision contract can be found here. Book supervision sessions that are face to face or via Skype using our Online Booking Booking page.


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Our commitment

Focus Health is committed to providing professional, high standard and accessible counselling and psychotherapy services to our clients throughout Worcestershire and Herefordshire.
We are motivated by a dedication in providing prompt, positive and efficient intervention when you are most in need. Appointments can be secured within 48 hours of initial contact. Please note our services are not suitable for emergency or mental health crisis need. Please contact A&E, your General Practitioner, Emergency Services or The Samaritans if you are in crisis. 

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Focus Health Counselling and Psychotherapy Services Disclaimer

Associate practitioners operate independently and Focus Health Counselling and Psychotherapy Services or Huw Richards are not responsible or liable for any issues that arise as a result of or following an agreed referral.  Any concerns should be raised directly with the associate therapist or with their member organisation.

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